Galapiat Cirque

JULY 2022 >> 10th Anniversary tour


In order to celebrate the ten years of the show, the collective prepares for months a project built between Britanny and Finland over 2022 and 2023. The first period's priority in Finland is to reconnect with the Finnish network and the finnish audience.
The MAD collective will tour during two weeks with several performances in situ to celebrate the ten years of the show, which has been performed only once in Finland.
In the way the show was created in 2012, the artists will gather and create together in a short, free and joyful moment. This anniversary tour traces its path through the Finnish countryside.
This tour is co-built with 3 finnish partners : The Haihatus Haihatus Art Center in Joutsa, Circus Ruska in Tampere and the PUSU festival in Pusula. We plan to be very active on the social media to keep you informed ! CLICK HERE

#1 Haihatus, Joutsa

Joutsan Joutopäivät - festival:

Wednesday 29/6 to Saturday 2/7:.
creation and training.
Sunday 3/7 :.
15:00: Open air MEGA-MAD premier
In the evening: Concert 22-Pistepirkko

#2 Tampere

Tuesday 5/7
Rehearsals with local artists in the morning
14.00: setting up the sauna & site specific rehearsals at Tullinaukio
17-18.00: Open air MEGA-MAD
20.00: Mad in Finland film at Arthouse Cinema Niagara (1 km from Tullinaukio)

#3 Pusula

Thursday 7/7.
18.00: Mad in Finland – the film at Kino Laika: Valurinkatu 2C, 03600 Karkkila
Friday 8/7
15.00: Mad in Finland – the film at Kino Laika.
Saturday 9/7
17.00: Open air MEGA-MAD in Sirkus festivaali Pusu